I’m busy, and it’s not easy keeping up with what I need to in my job.  After running across the GTD philosophy, I made some significant strides forward.  My project list bulged to 100-150, my active to-do list exploded to about 300.  I felt like I was actually getting things done.

Note the past tense of that last sentence.  I’m no longer actively processing, dumping, contexting, and so on.  And, I admit, it shows.  My desk–both at home and at the office–are overflowing with files, papers, and stickies.  And while I have a hundred or so tasks identified and diligently logged in Outlook, I rarely actually use the list to work off of, opting instead for quick “must do today” post-it notes.  Hell, my pda hasn’t been sync’d in several days.

Well, things are about to ramp up at work, and I need to be ready and as productive as I possibly can, so I’m recommitting myself to the GTD methodology.