A partial recap of my “Roadside Oddities of the Prairielands” roadtrip via twitter

One of the benefits of tweeting your trip is that it automatically creates an archive of sorts. Here’s all of the #ontheroadinthemiddleofuckingnowhere tweets from my trip.

But first, a couple of notes. One, I’m a bit bummed that the photos I attached to foursquare checkins aren’t autodisplayed; so if there’s a place that sounds interesting, click over to foursquare to see the shot I snapped. Also, since I was #ontheroadinthemiddleoffuckingnowhere, I also didn’t always have cell coverage, which meant that I didn’t get to check in or post to twitter. Nonetheless, it was fun to keep folks updated on my trip progress.

Then, a hiatus for the family reunion. Here are a few of those tweets:


And then back to the roadtrip:

It was definitely fun to capture such a large portion of the trip via twitter, and to archive it here. I’m headed out for another roadtrip in August, and I’ll be sure to use the lessons I learned here on it. If you want to follow along, check out #greatwatersroadtrip.

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