A year’s worth of daily mugshots

Last year, I ran across a video of someone who had taken a daily photo of himself for more than 4 years. It seemed like a cool idea, and a day or two later I came across dailymugshot.com. I signed up and gave myself the personal goal of doing it for 3 months.

Today, I took my 365th shot.

Yep, a whole year’s worth of webcam shots. All in all, it was only a mildly interesting endeavor. Sure, it serves as a reminder of my life over the last year or so of my life—but generally, it didn’t quite turn out the way I was hoping.

And with that, I think I’m done with the project. I didn’t notice that many personal changes over the course of the year—given the year I’ve had, that’s not a bad thing at all. I’m also not thrilled with the dailymugshot website—the interface is clunky, you can’t export these photos, and why the hell can I only see 200px wide shots?! So I’m ending any personal commitment I feel for the project. It’s been fun, kinda, but I’m done.

For those of you who want to see the final show, here it is:

Update: unfortunately, it looks like the company has folded, so there’s no longer any slideshow available. I’ve removed the links to what is now a spam site. In case the original files pop up somewhere, I was user 15392. Bummer.

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