Hi, I’m Scott.

I’m a public lands advocate and travel quest junkie living in Phoenix, Arizona. I love both long road trips and weekend adventures. I prefer to spend my free time enjoying the outdoors, but I also love stopping for roadside oddity or a crappy dive bar.

“He’s the guy that…”

When my friends introduce me to someone I haven’t met before, they tend to lead with one of these things:

“He’s the guy that’s trying to visit all of the national parks—there’s like 400 of them and he’s almost done.”

“Scott works in public lands conservation. Or something like that, I’m not entirely sure what that exactly entails, but he seems to know a lot about it.”

“He’s a huuuuge ASU football fan. Probably the world’s biggest, I’d imagine. I think he’s had season tickets since he was nine or something.”

“Scott is always out on adventures or traveling somewhere. We basically all live vicariously through his facebook.”

“He’s been to every craft brewery in the state. You should see his untappd.”

Over the years, I’ve been involved in a variety of great causes, including organizing students on campus (bet you can guess where), working in local and state politics on behalf of progressive causes and candidates, launching a number of new nonprofits, and helping to lead efforts to protect a new system of public lands known as the National Conservation Lands.

Find me @rscottjones

You can usually find me at @rscottjones on the major social media networks. I tend to keep facebook for just existing friends, but I’m most active on twitter and instagram. You can also check out my flickr account for lots of photos, though I have countless trip albums waiting to be posted. I have a few travel videos up on youtube.


You can email me at scott@rscottjones.com, or by using my trusty contact form. Or do it old school style and call me at 602-570-0658.

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