I first registered this domain back in January 2000, and it’s been active since then. For the most part, the site has served as random repository of various tidbits of information—everything from my thoughts on the last ASU game, to a detailed listing of the trips I’ve taken, to random thoughts I wanted to post.

A new focus

More recently, I’ve decided to narrow its focus a bit. It’s emphasis these days is chronicling my own adventures while helping others to #optoutside and have some adventures of their own.

If things go well, I’ll likely spin off much of this content to its own website. For now, I’ll publish here when I can.

A few disclosures

Where appropriate, I’ve used affiliate links in posts and pages. That means that if you click on the link and buy a product, I may get a tiny bit of cash as a thank you for the referral—at absolutely no additional cost to you. These payments are almost embarrassingly small, but maybe if I get enough of them they might help pay for a month or two of hosting this site.

So (hint, hint!) clicking through one of my links when you’re ready to purchase an item is a very simple way to support this site at absolutely no additional cost to you.

Product reviews

From time to time, I may get access to products for the purposes of writing a review. Absolutely any time this happens, I will disclose this at the bottom of the review—so you’ll always know. However, I promise that I’ll always be honest and truthful with you in the review. I post reviews as a service to my readers, and that’s where my loyalty lies. You can count on that.

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