Another week, another disappointing Sun Devil loss.

It’s getting tough to figure out what’s wrong here, except that things have simply gotten progressively worse with this team since Erickson took over. He had a great 8-0 start to his ASU coaching career, but it’s been downright atrocious since then. I refuse to believe that it’s the talent.

Two stats tell the tale:

ASU will have its first back-to-back losing seasons since 1946-47. That was the third longest streak in major college football.

ASU set a school record last year of 6 consecutive losses. It could match that again this year.

Boy has it been frustrating.

The program squandered a great opportunity this season. It had a winnable schedule. It had a great defense. And there isn’t a truly dominate team in the conference this year. This was a great year for an above average team to make a run for the Roses.

Sure, there have been injuries. Many, many injuries. But, it’s not the injuries that have spelled doom for the Devils.

It’s been the coaching.

Erickson is a better coach than he’s shown at ASU thus far. But unless he makes some wholesale changes this offseason, which begins earlier than it should for a program like this, he should find himself on the hot seat in 2010. He knows that something is broken; let’s see if he can fix it.

And quick.