Colts pull off win over Patriots in AFC Championship

It was a tough day for Kim, as the Colts erased an 18-point second quarter deficit to pull ahead of the Patriots in the waning minutes of the AFC Championship game.  I’d be lying if I didn’t think that the Colts were finally going to beat the Pats in the playoffs.  I’m just surprised that the Patriots have put the “system” so far ahead of “players,” that they seem more willing to dump talent in favor of no-name players.  Sure, no-name players in this system turn into “known” guys, but you have to wonder why there isn’t a bit of urgency within the Patriot organization to win now

Let’s face it, the team isn’t getting a whole lot younger.  Core players on defense are starting to age, and you never know when the franchise will take a major hit, whether from career-ending injury or a free agency raid.  One of the central figures of the Pats’ current run–probably second in importance to only Tom Brady himself–suited up in the dreaded Colts uniform this year, joining the likes of Ty Law and Deion Branch as former Patriot stars tending big contracts in warmer locales.  But, the bigger question for this franchise is the head honcho himself.  Why isn’t owner Bob Kraft providing Belichick with all the tools necessary to win?  Or has he, and Belichick’s refused to spend the cash? 

One thing is certain:  Belichick and the budding Patriots dynasty won’t be around forever, and they probably still need at least one more win to solidify their status as a dynasty worthy of joining the Packers, Steelers, Niners, and Cowboys among the great franchises in NFL history.

But for now, they will back and watch their rival–their nemesis–the storied, but hereunto unsuccessful, Peyton Manning guide the Colts into battle against the Chicago Bears, who hope that the adage “defense wins championships” will guide them to a “Ravenesque” win on February 4.

The Patriots will likely have another day, but it’ll come sooner if they start investing in talent on April 22.