Just focus on the iPhone, dammit

I hate the new AT&T ads aimed at fighting back against Verizon’s newest attack. The AT&T response ads absolutely suck. The Verizon ones do a much better job at attacking a real (or perceived, depending on your opinion) defect of their competitor. Of course, neither seems to be having much of an effect: iPhones are still selling like hotcakes, just as they always have.

And that’s the lesson to learn. The iPhone, in this circumstance, is far more important than the network. From now on, you’ll be following the phone to the carrier – not arriving at a carrier and then choosing one of the offered phones. iPhone created such a new dynamic that the entire market seems destined to change.

And that’s why both the AT&T and Verizon ads suck. Here’s all that AT&T needs to do for their ad: show an Apple iPhone ad. Or, just a single water paper of printer paper that reads “Get the amazing iPhone, available only at AT&T.” People change carriers to get an iPhone, so sell the damn iPhone. And for Verizon, trying to beat down the iPhone is not a winning strategy. Instead, focus on the rest of your smartphone line, all those network people you get when you sign the contract, and so forth. Direct shots against the iPhone are just dumb and they don’t pull customers to your own network.

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