Ever since making the switch back to Apple with a shiny new iMac last October, I’ve been waiting to complete the transformation and pick up a MacBook. Well, with the new job and the prospect of giving up the old Dell laptop I was using at the Sierra Club, I finally indulged.

As soon as I decided that I wanted to work for the Foundation, I thought about getting a MacBook Air. So sleek, so minimal, so elegant. However, after a good month and a half of brain-racking consideration, a ridiculous number of store visits, and future projections, I finally decided to get the MacBook Pro, which was the furthest from my mind when I started the process. However, in the end, it came down to the screen. The MBP has a 15″ with a matte finish; the MacBook and MBA both have a 13″ glossy.

Another major factor was that I am still planning on upgrading again in the next year, passing the MBP off to Kim to use as her main computer. I’m hoping that the next incarnation of the MBP will be a bit lighter and thinner…something that the technological innovations of the Air might just make possible. Of course, if no major changes are afoot in the next 12 months, I may just stick it out with my current baby.