A relative snoozer of a Super Bowl turned interesting in the last few minutes. And in the end, despite the Cinderella playoff run of the Cardinals, the better team won. Sucks for the state of Arizona and Cardinals fans, but that’s the cold hard truth. The fact is that the Cardinals didn’t really deserve to be in the playoffs, let alone the Super Bowl. They are only the second team ever to make it to the big game with seven, count them seven, losses. Coincidentally, the other 7-loss team – the ’79 Rams – also lost to the Steelers. [Side note: that makes me feel better about Pittsburgh taking home one more trophy than my beloved 49ers, since well, Pittsburgh also beat two teams that shouldn’t have been in the game.]

For a few minutes of the 4th quarter, it looked like Arizona might pull out the upset. But Ben Roethlisberger made a crazy throw to the corner of the end zone and Santonio Holmes made a great catch. Ben of course, shouldn’t have thrown it – Holmes was tripled covered and the running back was standing wide open at the 5 yard line with a great chance of scoring and just a few feet from the sideline where he could have stopped the clock. But, in true Big Ben fashion, he made the bad decision that, Favre-like, found its unlikely mark.

Congrats to the Steelers. And thanks for energizing the locals, Arizona. Oh, and go Niners!