No Country for Old Men

Kim and I just finished watching No Country for Old Men. It was a good movie, but not a great one. Kim and I managed to catch them filming some of it during one of our summer roadtrips. We were driving through downtown Las Vegas, New Mexico looking for a place to stop for lunch. We passed a side street and glanced down it, seeing what appeared to be an international border station. It took another second or two as we mentally processed this unexpected sight before we looked at each and blurted “What?!!” Pulling a u-turn and headed back, we stopped at the gas station on the corner to fill up and investigate. They weren’t actually filming at the moment we were there, but upon questioning the local inside, we learned what was going on. We hung around for another 10 or 15 minutes before deciding we needed to move along. It’s certainly the only reason we remember anything about a town named Las Vegas in New Mexico.