It’s truly amazing how many people spend hours each day playing games on Facebook. I have to say, I’ve never seen the attraction of them, though they’re clearly compelling to at least half of my fb friends. But then again, I don’t understand why people watch those stupid reality game shows either. To each their own I suppose.

As seen on a friend’s facebook profile recently

Of course, Facebook loses much of its value and utility if your news feed consists mostly of updates for games you don’t play or applications you don’t use. Luckily for my sanity – and maybe yours – there’s a great remedy for this: the “hide this application” option. I’m pretty sure that this has been Facebook best innovation this year. No longer will I have to wade through update after update of irrelevant nonsense to find the interesting article someone’s posted or see photos from their latest vacation. Sure, there’s still plenty of crap on Facebook, but at least you can better manage that crap these days.

And to my friends and family who play these games, please don’t take this post personally. I’m glad that you enjoy the games and surveys and other things. Really. It just makes no sense for me to follow that stuff if I’m not playing and the constant updates crowd out the stuff you post that I do genuinely want to see.