Sometimes you decide to focus some attention on a minor travel quest, just for the hell of it. This might not be something you’re fully committing to completing, but just something that seems fun for awhile, or is a small enough group of items that you can complete most or all of them during the trip you’re currently on. Or maybe they’re a subset of a bigger quest you’ve been pursuing. I call these mini quests.

Two of these mini quests have become actual officially-adopted travel quests, most notably the High Points of Otherwise Flat States (now called my State Summits tour for Lazy Highpointers) and visiting each of the World’s Largest Balls of Twine. Both of these started during my Roadside Oddities of the Prairielands road trip in 2012. In fact, you might say that my interest in roadside attractions really began on that trip.

Some of my mini travel quests

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