Peanut butter: proving evolution is fake since 1897

It all seems so obvious now—the answer has been on aisle 7 of the grocery store all along!

Of course, evolution doesn’t explain the origin of life and, given the events of last year, the video producers chose a rather unfortunate example. But hey, thanks for the chuckle.

Just breathe….

It’s not quite what I expected, but I’ve enjoyed the new Pearl Jam album Backspacer. In particular, I’ve found myself gravitating to the song Just Breathe. Without Vedder’s distinctive voice, you probably wouldn’t guess it was a Pearl Jam song – even if it does have an Into the Wild feel to it. It’s just one of those songs that unexpectedly speaks to me.

Unofficial video, with lyrics below.

Yes I understand that every life must end, aw huh,..
As we sit alone, I know someday we must go, aw huh,..
I’m a lucky man to count on both hands
The ones I love,..

Some folks just have one,
Others they got none, aw huh,..

Stay with me,..
Let’s just breathe.

Practiced are my sins,
Never gonna let me win, aw huh,..
Under everything, just another human being, aw huh,..
Yeh, I don’t wanna hurt, there’s so much in this world
To make me bleed.

Stay with me,..
You’re all I see.

Did I say that I need you?
Did I say that I want you?
Oh, if I didn’t now I’m a fool you see,..
No one knows this more than me.
As I come clean.

I wonder everyday
as I look upon your face, aw huh,..
Everything you gave
And nothing you would take, aw huh,..
Nothing you would take,..
Everything you gave.

Did I say that I need you?
Oh, Did I say that I want you?
Oh, if I didn’t now I’m a fool you see,..
No one know this more than me.
As I come clean.

Nothing you would take,..
everything you gave.
Hold me till I die,..
Meet you on the other side.

People in Yosemite: A TimeLapse Study

Below is a fabulous timelapse video of Yosemite National Park, with a special focus on people. I’m a sucker for timelapse videos, but this one is beautifully shot and intriguing.

As you know, I’m a big fan of the National Park System and wholeheartedly agree that it’s in serious contention as America’s Best Idea. And while I understand many of the problems that park resources face, particularly in the face of overwhelming visitation, I also know how fundamental and formative a park experience can be – particularly for youth.

And with that thought in mind, here’s the video:

Kudos to YosemiteSteve for putting together such a great video. Be sure to check out his Yosemite Nature Notes series.