Here are the breakdowns of ASU players drafted by round since 1964. Until 2013, Arizona State had at least one player drafted into the NFL every year since 1964, one of the longest streaks in college football at the time.

Note: where the player was drafted by both the NFL and AFL, I chose the lowest round. Note, this tally and the listing below do not include free agent signings.

1st Round:  27
2nd Round:  23
3rd Round:  21
4th Round:  23
5th Round:  17
6th Round:  11
7th Round:  21
8th Round:  11
9th Round:  8
10th Round:  4
11th Round:  8
12th Round:  8
13th Round:  0
14th Round:  4
15th Round:  1
16th Round:  4
17th Round: 3
18th Round:  0
19th Round:  2

ASU Players Drafted into NFL or AFL, by year


Damarious Randall, S – Green Bay Packers – 1st Round, 30th

Jaelen Strong, WR – Houston Texans – 3rd Round, 70th

Jamil Douglas, OG – Miami Dolphins – 4th Round, 114th

Marcus Hardison, DT – Cincinnati Bengals – 4th Round, 135th


Will Sutton, DT – Chicago Bears – 3rd Round, 82nd

Carl Bradford, OLB – Green Bay Packers – 4th Round, 121st

Marion Grice, RB – San Diego Chargers – 6th Round, 201st


None, for the first time since 1964.


Brock Osweiler, QB – Denver Broncos, 2nd Round, 57th

Omar Bolden, DB – Denver Broncos, 4th Round, 101st


Lawrence Guy, LB – Green Bay Packers, 7th Round, 233rd


Shawn Lauvao, OG – Cleveland Browns, 3rd Round, 92nd

Travis Goethel, LB – Oakland Raiders, 6th Round, 190th

Kyle Williams, WR – San Francisco 49ers, 6th Round, 206th

Dexter Davis, OLB – Seattle Seahawks, 7th Round, 236th


Paul Fanaika, OL – Philadelphia Eagles, 7th Round, 213th

Troy Nolan, DB – Houston Texans, 7th Round, 223rd


Mike Pollak, OL – Indianapolis Colts, 2nd Round, 59th

Justin Tryon, DB – Washington Redskins, 4th Round, 124th

Robert James, LB – Atlanta Falcons, 5th Round, 138th

Ryan Torain, RB – Denver Broncos, 5th Round, 139th

Josh Barrett, DB – Denver Broncos,7th Round, 220th


Zach Miller, TE – Oakland Raiders, 2nd Round, 38th

Andrew Carnahan, OL – Jacksonville Jaguars, 7th Round, 252nd


Derek Hagan, WR – Miami Dolphins, 3rd Round, 82nd

Jamar Williams, LB – Chicago Bears, 4th Round, 120th


Andrew Walter, QB – Oakland Raiders, 3rd Round, 69th

Drew Hodgdon, C – Houston Texans, 5th Round, 151st

Jimmy Verdon, DE – New Orleans Saints, 7th Round, 232nd


Mike Karney, FB – New Orleans Saints, 5th Round, 156th

Jason Shivers, FS – St. Louis Rams, 5th Round, 158th


Terrell Suggs, DE – Baltimore Ravens, 1st Round, 10th

Shaun McDonald, WR – St. Louis Rams, 4th Round, 106th

Solomon Bates, LB – Seattle Seahawks, 4th Round, 135th


Levi Jones, LT – Cincinnati Bengals, 1st Round 10th

Scott Peters, C – Philadelphia Eagles, 4th Round, 124th

Travis Scott, OL – St. Louis Rams, 4th Round, 130th

Kyle Kosier, OT – San Francisco 49ers, 7th Round, 248th


Adam Archuleta, LB – St. Louis Rams, 1st Round, 20th

Todd Heap, TE – Baltimore Ravens, 1st Round, 31st

Victor Leyva, OL – Cincinnati Bengals, 5th Round, 135th


Erik Flowers, DE – Buffalo Bills, 1st Round, 26th

Marvel Smith, OT – Pittsburgh Steelers, 2nd Round, 38th

J.R. Redmond, RB – New England Patriots, 3rd Round, 76th

Terrelle Smith, RB- New Orleans Saints, 4th Round, 96th

Junior Ioane, DT – Oakland Raiders, 4th Round, 107th

Brian Jennings, TE – San Francisco 49ers, 7th Round 230th


Grey Ruegamer, C – Miami Dolphins, 3rd Round, 72nd

Jeff Pauld, FB – Atlanta Falcons, 3rd Round, 92nd


Jeremy Staat, DT – Pittsburgh Steelers, 2nd Round, 41st

Jason Simmons, CB – Pittsburgh Steelers, 5th Round, 137th

Damien Richardson, SS – Carolina Panthers, 6th Round, 165th

Pat Tillman, OLB – Arizona Cardinals, 7th Round, 226th

Vince Amey, DE – Oakland Raiders, 7th Round, 230th


Juan Roque, LT – Detroit Lions, 2nd Round, 35th

Jake Plummer, QB – Arizona Cardinals, 2nd Round, 42nd

Derek Smith, ILB – Washington Redskins – 3rd Round, 80th

Derrick Rodgers, DE – Miami Dolphins, 3rd Round, 92nd

Keith Poole, WR – New Orleans Saints, 4th Round, 116th

Scott Von der Ahe, ILB – Indianapolis Colts, 6th Round, 182nd

Shawn Swayda, DT – Chicago Bears, 6th Round, 196th

Terry Battle, TB – Detroit Lions, 7th Round, 206th


Ryan Wood, FB – Dallas Cowboys, 7th Round, 243rd


Craig Newsome, CB – Green Bay Packers, 1st Round, 32nd

Jason Kyle, ILB – Seattle Seahawks, 4th Round, 126th

Jeff Kysar, OT – Los Angeles Raiders, 5th Round, 154th

Bryan Proby, DT – Kansas City Chiefs, 6th Round, 202nd

Johnny Thomas, WR – St. Louis Rams, 7th Round, 204th


Shante Carver, DE – Dallas Cowboys, 1st Round, 23rd

Mario Bates, TB – New Orleans Saints, 2nd Round, 44th


Brett Wallerstedt, ILB – Phoenix Cardinals, 6th Round, 143rd

Kevin Miniefield, CB – Detroit Lions, 8th Round, 201st


Darren Woodson, OLB – Dallas Cowboys, 2nd Round, 37th

Phillippi Sparks, CB – New York Giants, 2nd Round, 41st

Shane Collins, DT – Washington Redskins, 2nd Round, 47th

David Dixon, DT – New England Patriots, 9th Round, 232nd

Arthur Paul, DT – San Diego Chargers, 10th Round, 258th


Leonard Russell, TB – New England Patriots, 1st Round, 14th

Floyd Fields, SS – San Diego Chargers, 5th Round, 127th

Paul Justin, QB – Chicago Bears, 7th Round, 190th

Nathan LaDuke, FS – Phoenix Cardinals, 11th Round, 282nd

Mark Hayes, OT – New York Jets, 12th Round, 315th


Lynn James, WR – Cincinnati Bengals, 5th Round, 123rd


Trace Armstrong, DT – Chicago Bears, 1st Round, 12th [Played four years at ASU (1984-87) and one year at Florida (1988)]

Scott Kirby, OT – Green Bay Packers, 9th Round, 225th


Randall McDaniel, OG – Minnesota Vikings, 1st Round, 19th

Aaron Cox, WR – Los Angeles Rams, 1st Round, 20th

Eric Allen, CB – Philadelphia Eagles, 2nd Round, 30th

Shawn Patterson, DT – Green Bay Packers, 2nd Round, 34th

Todd Kalis, OG – Minnesota Vikings, 4th Round, 108th

Channing Williams, FB – Denver Broncos, 10th Round, 268th

Greg Clark, ILB – Chicago Bears, 12th Round, 329th


Scott Stephen, OLB – Green Bay Packers, 3rd Round, 69th

Skip McClendon, DL – Cincinnati Bengals, 3rd Round, 77th

Bruce Hill, WR – Tampa Bay Buccaneers, 4th Round, 106th

Danny Villa, OT- New England Patriots, 5th Round, 116th

Dan Saleaumua, NG – Detroit Lions, 7th Round, 175th

Jim Reynosa, DE – Indianapolis Colts, 11th Round, 281st

Jim Warne, OT – Cincinnati Bengals, 11th Round, 296th


Darryl Clack, TB – Dallas Cowboys, 2nd Round, 33rd

David Fulcher, FS – Cincinnati Bengals, 3rd Round, 78th

Vince Amoia, FB – New York Jets, 11th Round, 299th

Mike Crawford, TB – Tampa Bay Buccaneers, 12th Round, 334th


Doug Allen, SE – New York Jets, 4th Round, 94th

Brian Noble, OLB – Green Bay Packers, 5th Round, 125th

Jim Meyer, P – New York Giants, 12th Round, 323rd


Don Kern, TE – Cincinnati Bengals, 6th Round, 150th

James Keyton, OT – New England Patriots, 8th Round, 211th


Jim Jeffcoat, DT – Dallas Cowboys, 1st Round, 23rd

Vernon Maxwell, LB – Baltimore Colts, 2nd Round, 29th

Mike Richardson, DB – Chicago Bears, 2nd Round, 33rd

Ron Brown, WR – Cleveland Browns, 2nd Round, 41st

Bryan Caldwell, DT – Dallas Cowboys, 3rd Round, 77th

Ron Wetzel, TE – Kansas City Chiefs, 4th Round, 92nd

Alvin Moore, RB – Baltimore Colts, 7th Round, 169th

Mike Black, P – Detroit Lions, 7th Round, 181st

Walt Bowyer, DT – Denver Broncos, 10th Round, 254th


Gerald Riggs, FB – Atlanta Falcons, 1st Round, 9th

Robert Weathers, RB – New England Patriots, 2nd Round, 40th

John Meyer, OT – Pittsburgh Steelers, 2nd Round, 43rd

Jerry Bell, TE – Tampa Bay Buccaneers, 3rd Round, 74th

Mike Pagel, QB – Baltimore Colts, 4th Round, 84th

Newton Williams, RB – San Francisco 49ers, 5th Round, 139th

Tony Loia, OT – Baltimore Colts, 8th Round, 196th


John Mistler, WR – New York Giants, 3rd Round, 59th

Ron Washington, WR – Kansas City Chiefs, 4th Round, 97th

Melvin Hoover, WR – New York Giants, 6th Round, 145th


Mark Malone – Pittsburgh Steelers, 1st Round, 28th

Bob Kohrs, DE – Pittsburgh Steelers, 2nd Round, 35th

Ben Apuna, LB – St. Louis Cardinals, 7th Round, 171st

Joe Peters, DT – New York Jets, 9th Round, 234th

Gary Padjen, LB – Dallas Cowboys, 11th Round, 300th


Al Harris, DE – Chicago Bears, 1st Round, 9th

Kim Anderson, S – Baltimore Colts, 3rd Round, 69th

Jeff McIntyre, LB – Denver Broncos, 6th Round, 141st

Chris DeFrance, WB – Dallas Cowboys, 6th Round, 164th

Mike Harris, RB – Buffalo Bills, 12th Round, 308th


John Jefferson, WR – San Diego Chargers, 1st Round, 14th

John Harris, S – Seattle Seahawks, 7th Round, 173rd

Dennis Sproul, QB – Green Bay Packers, 8th Round, 200th

Tim Petersen, LB – New England Patriots, 9th Round, 242nd

Bruce Hardy, TE – Miami Dolphins, 9th Round, 247nd


Freddie Williams, RB – Dallas Cowboys, 8th Round, 221st

Larry Mucker, WR – Tampa Bay Buccaneers, 9th Round, 251st


Mike Haynes, CB – New England Patriots, 1st Round, 5th

Larry Gordon, LB – Miami Dolphins, 1st Round, 17th

Randy Moore, DT – Denver Broncos, 12th Round, 334th

Chris Lorenzen, DT – Cleveland Browns, 16th Round, 438th


Bob Breunig, LB – Dallas Cowboys, 3rd Round, 70th


Woody Green, HB – Kansas City Chiefs, 1st Round, 16th

Ben Malone, FB – Miami Dolphins, 2nd Round, 47th

Danny White, QB – Dallas Cowboys, 3rd Round, 53rd

Sam Johnson, DE – Cleveland Browns, 14th Round, 364th


Steve Holden, WR – Cleveland Browns, 1st Round, 16th

Brent McClanahan, FB – Minnesota Vikings, 5th Round, 118th

Ed Beverly, SE – San Francisco 49ers, 5th Round, 122nd

Prentice McCray, CB – Detroit Lions, 8th Round, 200th

Monroe Eley, RB – Kansas City Chiefs, 11th Round, 276th

Ron Lumpkin, SS – New York Giants, 12th Round, 303rd

Ron Lou, C – Houston Oilers, 14th Round, 339th

John Petty, TE – San Diego Chargers, 16th Round, 397th


Windlan Hall, DB – San Francisco 49ers, 4th Round, 96th

Hugh McKinnis, RB – Cincinnati Bengals, 8th Round, 201st

Calvin Demery, WR – Minnesota Vikings, 8th Round, 206th

Junior Ah You, DE – New England Patriots, 17th Round, 245th

Oscar Dragon, RB – San Diego Chargers, 17th Round, 423rd


J.D. Hill, WR – Buffalo Bills, 1st Round, 4th

Jim McCann, K – San Francisco 49ers, 8th Round, 205th

Mike Fanucci, DE – Baltimore Colts, 9th Round, 219th

Bob Thomas, RB – Los Angeles Rams, 15th Round, 379th


Art Malone, RB – Atlanta Falcons, 2nd Round, 39th

Seth Miller, DB – Atlanta Falcons, 8th Round, 195th

Mike Brunson, WR – Atlanta Falcons, 11th Round, 272nd

Seabern Hill, DB – Dallas Cowboys, 16th Round, 441st


Ron Pritchard, LB – Houston Oilers, 1st Round, 15th

Larry Walton, WR – Detroit Lions, 3rd Round, 59th

Fair Hooker, WR – Cleveland Browns, 5th Round, 124th

John Helton, DT – Detroit Lions, 7th Round, 157th

Wes Plummer, DB -Denver Broncos, 12th Round, 196th

Ed Roseborough, QB – St. Louis Cardinals, 14th Round, 356th

George Hummer, C – St. Louis Cardinals, 17th Round, 435th


Curley Culp, MG – Denver Broncos, 2nd Round, 31st

Ken Dyer, DB – Cincinnati Bengals, 4th Round, 100th

Max Anderson, RB – Buffalo Bills, 5th Round, 132nd

Bob Rokita, T – Detroit Lions, 16th Round, 418th


John Pitts, FL-DB – Buffalo Bills, 1st Round, 22nd

Travis Williams, RB – Green Bay Packers, 4th Round, 93rd

Larry Hendershot, T – Washington Redskins, 8th Round, 190th

Ray Shirley, T – Detroit Lions, 11th Round, 270th

Jesse Fleming, DE – San Francisco 49ers (NFL), 8th Round & Oakland Raiders (AFL), 8th Round

Dornel Nelson, B – Los Angeles Rams, 19th Round


Ben Hawkins, E – New York Jets (AFL), 5th Round & Philadelphia Eagles (NFL), 3rd Round


Larry Todd, HB – Oakland Raiders (AFL), 1st Round & San Francisco 49ers (NFL), 4th Round

Henry Carr, HB – Kansas City Chiefs (AFL), 3rd Round & New York Giants (NFL), 4th Round

Jerry Smith, E – Washington Redskins, 9th Round

Gene Foster, HB – San Diego Chargers (AFL),10th Round & Dallas Cowboys (NFL), 15th Round

Dave Estrada, HB – Washington Redskins, 14th Round


Tony Lorick, HB – Oakland Raiders (AFL), 1st Round & Baltimore Colts, 2nd Round (NFL)

Charley Tayler, HB – Washington Redskins (NFL), 1st Round & Houston Oilers (AFL), 2nd Round

Gary Lewis, HB – San Francisco 49ers (NFL), 6th Round & Denver Broncos (AFL), 22nd Round

John Seedborg, G – Washington Redskins, 19th Round


Joe Zuger, QB – Detroit Lions, 18th Round


Charley Bowers, HB – Detroit Lions, 14th Round

Mike Mercer, E – Minnesota Vikings, 15th Round


Ken Kerr, G – Green Bay Packers, 14th Round

Joe Belland, B – San Francisco 49ers, 15th Round

Bobby Mulgado, B – Philadelphia Eagles, 5th Round

Leon Burton, B – San Francisco 49ers, 8th Round


Charley Mackey, WR – San Francisco 49ers, 13th Round

Bill Zuhowski, T – Los Angeles Rams, 19th Round

Clancy Osborne, E – Los Angeles Rams, 27th Round


John Jankans, E – Chicago Bears, 11th Round


John Allen, E – Chicago Bears, 10th Round

Gene Mitcham, E – Los Angeles Rams, 17th Round


Earl Putnam, G – New York Giants, 5th Round


John Henry Johnson, B – Pittsburgh Steelers, 2nd Round

Joe T. Matesic, T – New York Giants, 12th Round

Dick Curan, B – Green Bay Packers, 12th Round

Tom Fletcher, B – San Francisco 49ers, 14th Round

Harley Cooper, B – San Francisco 49ers, 26th Round

Marvin Wahlin, B – Chicago Bears, 27th Round


Duane Morrison, B – New York Giants, 27th Round


Wilford “Whizzer” White, B – Chicago Bears, 3rd Round

Henry Rich, B – Philadelphia Eagles, 12th Round


Glenn Johnson, T – Los Angeles Rams, 8th Round


John Baklarz, T – Washington Redskins, 16th Round

Al Onofrio, B – Brooklyn Dodgers, 17th Round


Wayne Pitts, B – Chicago Cardinals, 13th Round