Lovebug & Shadow in moving boxLast month, my two cats, Lovebug and Shadow, were unexpectedly pulled out of my life. I didn’t get a chance to say goodbye. The circumstances surrounding it made it hurt even worse. While I haven’t been able to live with them for awhile now, they were still very important to me and important parts of the only family I’ve had a hand in choosing.

Today is Lovebug’s birthday, and so I am remembering him and Shadow with this post.

Lovebug stareLovebug

Lovebug was a birthday present for Kimberly. We went to the local no-kill shelter, the Arizona Animal Welfare League, to browse their offerings. Lovebug was immediately the most loving and interactive. Young LovebugHe definitely wanted to be a part of our family from the minute we got there. While we also fell in love with another cute but shy cat—we would name him Pouncer—it was Lovebug who stole the show. After making the decision that we would adopt Lovebug, we decided to add Pouncer in as well. The two would make a great pair. Heartbreakingly, Pouncer would develop feline diabetes and decline quickly, leaving us after just a few years together.

Lovebug stretchingFor most of his life, Lovebug was a pretty active cat. He especially loved playing with his favorite toy, which he would even fetch and return to you as a demand for more play time. Of course, he also took amusement in other things around the house.

He loved big yawns that showed all of his teeth. And instead of curling up somewhere, he’d sprawl out on his back…taking as much room as he damn well pleased.

Lovebug on perchLovebug was one of the few cats that I managed to train—if I wanted him to stop doing something, a simple death stare or snap of the fingers would send him scurrying.

He developed into a rather fat cat, which made the scurrying rather amusing, but still loved climbing to the top platform of the cat tree and perching himself there for hours.



Shadow was a late addition to the family by Kimberly. Still a kitten, Shadow was a bit more rambunctious and mischievous than Lovebug had grown to be.4121836874_1634715112_b

Shadow loved to cuddle up, whether that was on your arm, on Sipapu, or on the chair you were able to sit in. I also really appreciated her curiosity, which always drew her back to me after I made a startling sound or noise—something skittish Lovebug had given up on years ago.

Even though I lived with Shadow for less than a year, I grew fond of her quickly and would spend time playing with her regularly during visits to Kim’s place or while petsitting.

While Shadow wasn’t a replacement for Pouncer, it was hard to not feel the familiar tug of old memories at seeing Shadow and Lovebug together—like a long lost object had finally been restored to its proper home. Apart from the ubiquitous cat hair and the time Kim left me to change the litterbox, of course, I loved every minute of both of them, and I feel lucky to have had them in my life. Thanks for the memories.

Shadow and LovebugGoodbye, Lovebug. Goodbye, Shadow. I’ll miss you both.   🙁