Rebranding ASU Athletics

UPDATE: The new uniforms are here. Check out some the official announcement, and a photo gallery. The video below does a good job of recapping today’s announcement event.

Go Devils!


Big changes are coming to ASU Athletics. We’ll find out exactly what they are on April 12, 2011 at 2pm [event details], but some in the Sun Devil Club will get a sneak preview on April 9 at 5pm at the Scottsdale Plaza Resort [update: the event was reportedly sold-out]. I’ll miss both of those events, but I’m curiously awaiting the official unvieling (you can watch the webcast of the April 12th event on“>Fox Sports Arizona).

The leading rumors are that Sparky will be de-emphasized and that the pitchfork will become a recognizable symbol for Arizona State University. Most notably, that means that you won’t find Sparky on the football helmet. Speaking of helmets, it sounds like we may have three of them: a gold one, a maroon one, and a black one. That’ll provide some gameday options with the five new uniforms we’re expecting to see: gold, maroon, black, white, and pro-combat. Nike is leading the redesign, though some have confirmed that Disney has also been involved (which may help cool the backlash when Bert Anthony’s Sparky design goes missing).

It also sounds like there will be some additional information provided about the athletic department’s fundraising efforts, namely the Sun Devil Club. Some of the conjecture around a new Sun Devil Stadium and the Olympic Village concept doesn’t appear to be part of the announcement next week.

So far, none of this has been confirmed—but there’s plenty of insider speak and conjecture, and it’s great to have some excitement around ASU football this time of year. ASU’s done a great job so far of creating a buzz while keeping things under wraps until the announcement. I think Sparky is one of the most original mascots out there, but I’m waiting to form an opinion until I see the new designs.

Here’s a good local news interview about the upcoming changes:

By the way, if you haven’t purchased or renewed season tickets for our first year in the PAC-12 conference, maybe you should go ahead and do that right now.

UPDATE: And for those of you who read all the way to the bottom, here’s a momentary sneak peak at some of the leading rumors. And follow the official #ASUIt’sTime hashtag feed.

Fear the Fork — Go Devils! ——E

8 thoughts on “Rebranding ASU Athletics”

  1. I’m a little worried honestly but Nike does some cool stuff. Black??? Do they remember we’re in Arizona with HOT SUN??? Black absorbs heat? lol.
    I do like what they did with Oregon’s new jerseys… they pop pretty good so I’m hopeful. ASU needs a shake-up… the new season ticket pricing is one but this is going to cause some issues next week… we’ll see!
    Go Devils!

  2. Well, it seems as though someone has posted a lengthy review on another site, spilling the beans. I’m happy that ASU has gotten some traction with this little marketing campaign.

    I like some of the changes, but not others. This isn’t a minor change, however. And yes, black and the pitchfork will be playing dominant roles. I’m a little concerned about an updated Sparky, but I love the idea of having a uniform look across campus and sports.

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  4. Lets the tenants of ASU have insulted tradition.. shut down Camp Tontozona…for a plastic bubble of sour air, separated Sparky from the spirit that ignited generations of young Sun Devils. Dare now to change the colors from maroon and gold to black and yellow?

    Nike you should know better.

    Your “Best Buy” color decision to sell out accommodates the utensil that belongs next to the silver tray of olives you have eaten stuffed with disappointment. Tradition doesn’t change color. It honor’s it. TMP LB ASU 1977.

    1. Suck it up, things change. And “traditions” have to start somewhere.

      While I was saddened to see Camp T go, it was obvious that it wasn’t working for today’s football program.

      Maroon and gold hasn’t changed, they simply added black. Most people don’t know, but grey was already one of the approved colors. If they occasionally wear a black helmet, I don’t think it’s a knock on tradition any more than wearing white (not a school color) is. I suspect that the dominate colors will remain maroon and gold, and I expect that we’ll see that borne out in the uniforms chosen for the vast majority of games. Black is likely a trend that will disappear over time any way.

  5. im not a sun devils fan,but man those uniforms are slick,logo on the helment is coolest looking helment ive ever seen..

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