A ‘Digital Garden’ Approach to Travel Journaling

tl;dr: I’ve started keeping track of my travels in an interconnected system of notes. This helps me remember more, and to better connect the dots. Here’s a bit more on what that looks like and why I’m trying this. Update: I’ve added a bit to this idea. You can read my additions and why I’ve … Read more

Screenshot of trip cards showing destinations

From Idea to Adventure: How I plan trips using Notion

This post explains how I organize my From Idea to Adventure trip planning database in Notion. Below, I give you a video tour of my own system, and a short tutorial video of how to set up your own. I am planning on releasing a template version of my system soon at some point (sorry!), … Read more

What I wish I knew before starting my national parks quest

Travel quests are among the most powerful ways to get yourself out more. My personal national parks quest—visiting all 417 national park units in the country—has been the driving force for the vast majority of my own travel. And it’s been one of the most impactful endeavors in my life. I firmly believe that if … Read more

Why you should adopt a personal travel quest

I believe that travel quests are one of the best ways to inspire more travel. In fact, the original name of this blog was originally going to be VisitEveryPark.com—an ode to the quest that inspired so much of my own travel. That’s how powerful I think quests can be to getting out and adventuring more. … Read more