National Conservation Lands video on Assignment: Earth

Here’s a great little video describing America’s National Conservation Lands, the system of special places I work to protect.

To support the great people working hard to protect America’s natural and cultural heritage, please check out the Conservation Lands Foundation.

Happiness: focus on the process, not the outcome

Professor Srikumar S. Rao discusses why you already have what you need to be happy. You just have to ditch the “if..then” mental construct of happiness and focus your attention on the process itself.

I think he’s on to something, though his explanation of how to re-configure this mental challenge is a bit inadequate.

You can watch some similar videos over at the TED Talks archive.

Peanut butter: proving evolution is fake since 1897

It all seems so obvious now—the answer has been on aisle 7 of the grocery store all along!

Of course, evolution doesn’t explain the origin of life and, given the events of last year, the video producers chose a rather unfortunate example. But hey, thanks for the chuckle.