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Hi, I’m Scott.

I explore ideas around adventures, systems, and strategies that make my travel adventures more personally meaningful and rewarding.

What does that mean? Well, travel is an important part of my life—it influences many of my life choices. Since I’m spending so much of my finite time and money on adventures, it seems natural to make sure I’m getting as much personal value out of it as I can.

I call this maximizing my Return on Adventure. So I write what I learn about doing this, in public, as a way to both improve and share these ideas.

I’m probably best know for my ideas on #GoQuesting and the personal quests I’ve completed, especially visiting every national park unit, national monument, and national conservation area. You can learn more about me, or see what I’m up to right now. My Ideas Notebook is an experimental network of short notes investigating some of these ideas in more detail.

This year, I’m prioritizing my email list, which means that those subscribers get the best of what I write. If you think intentionally about your life and want to make your adventures more rewarding, you’ll want to join the list.

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