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Hi, I’m Scott.

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Welcome to my personal website.

This is my primary home on the internet, a place where I can explore ideas, share some thoughts, and chronicle my adventures, among other things.

You can get updates by email, or follow along via RSS or syndicated on the social web. You can also follow me on social media. Or just say hi via email.

🚧 I’m in the process of completely restructuring and redesigning this site, so it’s a bit of a mess right now. 🚨

About @rscottjones

I’m probably best known for my ideas on #GoQuesting and my various quests—especially visiting every national park unit, national monument, and national conservation area.

You can learn more about me, or see what I’m up to right /now. Here’s my /uses page.

My Public Notes is an experimental network of short notes investigating some ideas in more detail. Of particular note: Return on Adventure, journaling, memory, and strategies for aging.

I recently started sharing shorter posts and links at

Current status

Some recent posts

Some of my current projects

OnePhoto.Club – an experiment in photo sharing on the social web that uses daily and weekly prompts as a remembering practice for your travel and outdoor adventures. On hiatus.

#OnePostcard – a monthly postcard exchange among participants who are traveling in a specified month.

#GoQuesting – a directory of more than 1500 travel quests, including a universal hashtag system to help connect fellow questers.

Kayaking the Salt River – an informational resource for people who want to paddle the Lower Salt River near Phoenix. I also published the only guidebook for the river. This project was an experiment and served as proof-of-concept for This Place is Special.

This Place is Special – a network of place-based nonprofits that educate the public about special places that deserve better stewardship and resource protections. (building, hasn’t launched yet)

Treasured Places – an effort to expand appreciation and defense of lesser-known national park units, national monuments, and national conservation areas that are often overlooked by those visiting the 63 “named” National Parks.

Ahwatukee History – local historical wiki for the Ahwatukee Foothills village of Phoenix. (building, hasn’t launched yet)

Arizona Conservation Partners – an experiment in public lands conservation that works on one-off projects that other conservation orgs are unlikely to pursue.

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