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Let’s Meet Up!

What I love most about social media are the relationships you can create.

Nearly all of my most cherished friendships were first forged online. That’s not an exaggeration. I’ve always viewed social media primarily as a tool for meeting people with similar interests—not as a place to gather followers, be an “influencer,” or to sell things. As a result, I’ve always put serious effort into turning online relationships into offline friendships.

I keep a spreadsheet in my travel dashboard filled with people I want to visit when I’m in their area. When we’re planning a trip, it’s easy to do a quick search and see who we could add to the agenda. Those get-togethers often occur at a brewery, restaurant, coffeeshop, or perhaps even in a national park or on the trail; it sorta depends on the trip, who we’re meeting, and what’s on the agenda.

We tend to travel fast and pack a ton into each trip, so I can’t guarantee that I’ll be available. But if you’re interested in meeting up, please add yourself to my list!

You can submit your information using this form, which is also embedded below. If you’re passing through Phoenix and want to meet up, shoot me an email at