This is a /now page, which describes some of the things I’m currently working on and/or thinking about.

I’m not on Twitter much anymore, given the dark turn it’s sadly (but predictably) taken. These days, I enjoy Better Adventures Club, Mastodon, and Substack most, plus make occasional appearances on Instagram, Threads, and Bluesky—though I’m really struggling to trade one awful billionaire run social media company for any of these last three.

Last updated: September 4, 2023

Earlier this year, I launched One Photo Club, a free social community for people who love travel (come join us!). The site centers around sharing photos from your previous trips, so it serves as a remembering practice for participants.

As I’m come to really enjoy One Photo Club, it’s scratched my social media itch enough that I’ve mostly abandoned Twitter and Instagram. I currently have 5-minute-per-day app limits for each and no longer find myself defaulting to either when I’m bored. The more distance I have, the more obvious it is that these don’t serve our lives the way they should.

So I’m also trying to get back to what made the social web so magical before the big social media advertising platforms emerged. That means thinking about how to (1) write here more, (2) build and maintain connections with interesting people online, and (3) keep track of friends.

I’m continuing to slowly build out #GoQuesting, a directory of travel quests that people can adopt. I have a lot more planned for Go Questing, but my first task is putting together some mini-guides for the 1500+ quest ideas I already have listed.

Last but not least, I’m spending a lot of time at happy hour with my aging dad—who is now battling bladder cancer—while also helping my mom set up a new life in Sun City.

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