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Here are all the ways you can stay in touch with website updates and what I’m up to. You have four primary options:

By the way, you can also just email, text, or call me too. Or send me a message.

Subscribe via email

Good ol’ email remains a great option for most people.

Follow via RSS

Here are the rss feeds for my main three sites, in order of recommendation:

You can also grab feeds for several of my social media accounts:

Follow my syndicated posts

Posts are syndicated to the social web on these (unmonitored) accounts:

Follow via socials

These days, I spend the most time on the open social web—specifically on Mastodon at, and OnePhoto.Club at

I’m also active on Untappd, and make occasional visits to Instagram, usually just posting stories. You can also find me on Micro.Blog and

While I have accounts on Threads, Bluesky, and Twitter, I’m not active on any of them. If you are, feel free to follow me on any of them, just in case I eventually syndicate my posts there. Now that so many of my online friendships have scattered, I’m considering going to the trouble of POSSE-ing everything (edit: many of my posts are now automatically shared to Bluesky)

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