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Here are all the ways you can stay in touch with website updates and what I’m up to. You have four primary options:

By the way, you can also just email, text, or call me too. Or send me a message.

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Good ol’ email remains a great option for most people.

Follow via RSS

Here are the rss feeds for my main three sites, in order of recommendation:

You can also grab feeds for several of my social media accounts:

Follow my syndicated posts

Posts are syndicated to the social web on these (unmonitored) accounts:

Follow via socials

These days, I spend the most time on the social web—specifically on Mastodon at, and OnePhoto.Club at

I’m also active on Untappd, and make occasional visits to Instagram, usually just posting stories.

While I have accounts on Threads, Bluesky, and Twitter, I’m not active on any of them. If you are, feel free to follow me on any of them, just in case I eventually syndicate my posts there. Now that so many of my online friendships have scattered, I’m considering going to the trouble of POSSE-ing everything.

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