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A short weekend at the Vegas Bowl

It was the only bowl game that we would be able to attend this season, given our other travel commitments. And it ended up being the one that ASU was invited to. We got the official word that ASU’s bowl game would be in Las Vegas while we were on the other side of the … Read more

6 embarrassing facts you didn’t know about the Arizona Wildcats

6) Depressed mascot Rufus Arizona, UA’s first live wildcat mascot, hung himself from a tree limb on April 17, 1916—just months after being purchased as the school’s mascot. I suspect he was suicidal after he learned the story of how the university adopted the wildcats nickname. 5) Another dead cat In 1885, when the 13th … Read more

The real story behind Arizona’s “Bear Down” motto

UA loves the Bear Down story, even though it’s far less appealing than the myth and probably isn’t true. The story goes, star QB and class president “Button” Salmon gets critically injured in a car wreck. His dying words are to Coach McKale at his bedside, telling the team to “bear down” in their upcoming big … Read more

Some Arizona Wildcat jokes for the ASU-U of A rivalry game

Every rivalry needs some jokes. The annual Duel in the Desert is no different. Below are a few I’ve collected over the years. You may also be interested in some great plays of the Duel in the Desert, or reading up on 5 embarrassing facts about U of A, or checking out an album of UA memes. Q. … Read more

Why we don’t attend ASU games in Tucson

Leading up to this year’s Duel in the Desert, several friends asked Kim or I why we no longer attend the game when it’s held down in Tucson. I’ve been to several of those rivalry games, but we’ve skipped it the last 6 or 8 years. Simple: it’s dangerous, and no longer fun. I’ve been … Read more

Fall Down, Arizona.

UNIVERSITY OF ARIZONA 1. Fall Down, Arizona (to tune of Bear down, Arizona): Fall down, Arizona, Fall down, black and blue. Fall down, Arizona, You know damn well you’re through. So it’s Trip! Fall! Drop that ball! Arizona, you are screwed! 2. Here comes the band The U of A band With endless repetition. The … Read more