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Useful ways to use your domain’s email addresses

One of the many benefits of having your own website is the ability to use email aliases associated with your domain. (You can use these with gmail, too—but you should really have your own domain instead). Here are a few ways you can utilize your domain’s email aliases to improve your digital life. Unique aliases … Read more

Using location reminders in iOS

Most task management apps, such as the stellar Things 3 that I rely on, allow you to set reminders based on a time deadline. But the iOS Reminders app offers something different—reminders based on location, not time. You can set reminders based on: This offers a completely different way of thinking about reminders. Instead of … Read more

Why you should have a website

There are many, many reasons why you should have you own website. Here are just a few of them: Ok, that’s enough for now. Go get yourself a website! Register a domain (not sure what name to use? start with your name). Connect a simple blogging platform. Just get started. Thank me later.

The easiest ways to start your own personal website

Back in the early days of blogging, launching your own website required quite a bit of knowledge and a quite long list of steps to complete. If you didn’t know what to do, it felt a bit intimidating. I know, I learned how to do it—mostly through trial and (lots of) error. Part of that … Read more

Pages you should have on your personal website

Personal websites are the best way to have a home on the internet. While every site is—and should be—a personal expression of its owner, it can also be useful to adopt some standard pages that visitors often benefit from. Each of these pages is best found at the root directory, which is why I list them as … Read more

The story of my epic quest to visit all 419 National Park units

This is a twitter thread I posted back in April 2022 outlining the story of my national parks quest. I haven’t changed much of the formatting, so this will resemble a twitter thread and not a traditional blog post. Perhaps I’ll edit it in the future, but for now, this will have to do. Here’s … Read more


This is my personal take on a /uses page. It also functions as my Default apps for 2024 post. Since online reviews are so gamed and broken these days, I wanted to post my stuff so you can ask questions of an actual user of these items. I also post product reviews on my Public … Read more

March 28, 2024

Bespoke social media Last year, I launched One Photo Club, a free social community for people who love travel (come join us!). The site centers around sharing photos from your previous trips to various prompts, so it serves as a remembering practice for participants as part of a concept I call Return On Adventure (think ROI but for your adventures). … Read more