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Lost, Needed Directions

What started as a personal joke has since expanded into a shared joke, and hopefully results in a mini-movement.

When traveling, I’d often frequent a local craft brewery. And so when I’d post a picture of it on social media, I started joking that I had “gotten lost and needed to stop in somewhere for directions.” The sheer frequency of such posts during a trip made it funny. Soon, other friends started posting the same joke.

#LostNeededDirections had been born.

But we’re not just joking.

Not surprisingly, regularly stopping at local breweries is an excellent addition to your travel routine:

  • It’s a great way to take a break during a long drive, with bathrooms and wifi
  • There are few better places to strike up a conversation with an interesting local resident
  • Breweries are craft-oriented local businesses that support their communities

It’s important to limit your consumption and be safe behind the wheel, of course. But sharing a beer flight with your travel partner or grabbing a quick pint—and perhaps snagging a growler fill or some to go cans, too—definitely improves my own trips.

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If you’ve stopped during your travels for a local craft beer or cocktail, use #LostNeededDirections to help promote this idea.

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