My 45 by 45 quest

Spurred on by Jen’s personal travel quest, I’ve adopted a new quest: visiting 45 countries by the time I turn 45 (in November 2023). I’ll be using a generous definition of the term “country,” however, adopting the definition used by the Travelers Century Club. Basically, that means that territories like Puerto Rico and far-flung states like Alaska count as separate countries for the purposes of this quest—read the more complicated rules for more details on exactly what counts and doesn’t count. Using their master list, here are the countries I’ve been to thus far:

  1. United States (born)
  2. Canada (1985)
  3. Scotland (1990)
  4. Northern Ireland (1990)
  5. Ireland (1990)
  6. Mexico (2014)
  7. Puerto Rico (2016)
  8. US Virgin Islands (2016)
  9. British Virgin Islands (2016)
  10. Hawaii (2016)

I have trips planned for 7 new countries between now and summer 2017. Follow along on twitter at #45by45. Also, check out my other travel quests.