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NPS National Heritage Areas quest (#GoQuesting2143)

National Heritage Areas are not national park units, but are a public-private partnership aimed preserving and promoting a local historical or cultural context, while providing an opportunity for heritage tourism.

National Heritage Areas (NHAs) are designated by Congress as places where natural, cultural, and historic resources combine to form a cohesive, nationally important landscape. Through their resources, NHAs tell nationally important stories that celebrate our nation’s diverse heritage. NHAs are lived-in landscapes. Consequently, NHA entities collaborate with communities to determine how to make heritage relevant to local interests and needs.

What is a National Heritage Area? (via NPS)

Here’s an interactive map showing NHA boundaries. As you’ll see, many of them include rather large areas (the entire state of Tennessee is one big NHA!), so “what counts as a visit” is a bit more unclear than with many other quests.

Completed (53)

  1. Abraham Lincoln NHA
  2. Appalachian Forest NHA
  3. Arabia Mountain NHA
  4. Atchafalaya NHA
  5. Augusta Canal NHA
  6. Aviation NHA
  7. Baltimore NHA
  8. Blue Ridge NHA
  9. Cache la Poudre River NHA
  10. Cane River NHA
  11. Champlain Valley National Heritage Partnership
  12. Coal National Heritage Area
  13. Crossroads of the American Revolution NHA
  14. Delaware and Lehigh NHC
  15. Erie Canalway NHC
  16. Essex NHA
  17. Freedom’s Frontier NHA
  18. Freedom’s Way NHA
  19. Great Basin NHA
  20. Gullah/Geechee Cultural Heritage Corridor
  21. Illinois and Michigan Canal NHC
  22. John H. Chafee Blackstone River Valley NHC
  23. Journey Through Hallowed Ground NHA
  24. Kenai Mountains – Turnagain Arm NHA
  25. Lackawanna Heritage Valley NHA
  26. Last Green Valley NHC
  27. Maritime Washington NHA
  28. Maurice D. Hinchey Hudson River Valley NHA
  29. Mississippi Delta NHA
  30. Mississippi Gulf Coast NHA
  31. Mississippi Hills NHA
  32. Mormon Pioneer NHA
  33. Mountains to Sound Greenway NHA
  34. MotorCities NHA
  35. Muscle Shoals NHA
  36. Niagara Falls NHA
  37. Northern Plains NHA
  38. Northern Rio Grande NHA
  39. Ohio and Erie Canal National Heritage Canalway
  40. Oil Region NHA
  41. Path of Progress National Heritage Tour Route
  42. Rivers of Steel NHA
  43. Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta NHA
  44. Shenandoah Valley Battlefields National Historic District
  45. Sangre de Cristo NHA
  46. Santa Cruz Valley NHA
  47. Schuylkill River Valley NHA
  48. Silos and Smokestacks NHA
  49. South Carolina NHC
  50. Susquehanna NHA
  51. Tennessee Civil War NHA
  52. Upper Housatonic Valley NHA
  53. Wheeling NHA

Remaining (2)

  1. South Park NHA
  2. Yuma Crossing NHA

Quest adopted: May 2021
Last updated: September 5, 2021