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Scenic Roads of Arizona

This quest involves driving each of the scenic, historic, and parkway roads of Arizona, as listed by the Arizona Department of Transportation.

Roadways completed

  • Apache Trail Historic Road
  • Copper Corridor Scenic Road – SR 177
  • Copper Corridor Scenic Road – SR 77
  • Coronado Trail National Scenic Byway
  • Desert to Tall Pines Scenic Road
  • Dry Creek Scenic Road
  • Fredonia-Vermilion Cliffs Scenic Road
  • Gila-Pinal Scenic Road
  • Historic Route 66 All-American Road
  • Jerome, Clarkdale, & Cottonwood Historic Road
  • Joshua Forest Scenic Road
  • Kaibab Plateau-North Rim National Scenic Byway
  • Kayenta-Monument Valley Scenic Road
  • Mingus Mountain Scenic Road
  • Naat’tsis’aan Navajo Mountain Scenic Road
  • Organ Pipe Cactus Parkway
  • Patagonia Sonoita Scenic Road
  • Red Rock All-American Road
  • San Francisco Peaks Scenic Road
  • Sedona-Oak Creek Canyon Scenic Road
  • Sky Island Parkway (Catalina Highway) National Scenic Byway
  • Swift Trail Parkway
  • Tse’nikani Flat Mesa Rock Scenic Road
  • White Mountain Scenic Road
  • White River Scenic Road

Roadways remaining

  • Dine’ Tah “Among the People” Scenic Road

Updated Aug 16 2020