In defense of traveling fast

“Wow, that sounds exhausting. I think I’d rather just spend more time at one place,” she replied after hearing my itinerary. I responded with a knowing nod. I understood why she felt that way. For many people, a vacation is all about slowing down, about relaxing. It means sleeping in, having nowhere to be, and … Read more

Deeply Personal: Why I Care About National Monuments

Thank you to everyone who submitted a comment by the deadline! I’ve struggled for days to write this post. But nothing I type seems remotely adequate. Some drafts have been too argumentative. Or too wonky. Others have been downright angry. One was rather melancholy, a sad ode to losing the places you care most about. I’m stumped—there’s … Read more

We need an America the Beautiful pass for kids

For the ninth or tenth straight year, Kim and I bought an America the Beautiful Pass (or its predecessors, the National Parks Passport and Golden Eagle Passport). For $80 a year, it’ll get you and your family into every National Park unit and the other federal land management agency lands for free. Given the fabulous … Read more