How the Arizona Hiking Shack made me a repeat customer

Local businesses can really rock sometimes. Case in point: the Arizona Hiking Shack. The Arizona Hiking Shack is what you might expect from an independent outdoor retailer jammed into an awkward, ill-conceived corner of a strip mall dedicated to antiques and other worthless items. Once inside, you’ll find the trend continues. No sexy display racks, ADA compliant pathways, … Read more

End of an era: why “The Simpsons” no longer matters

Salon recently published an interview with author John Ortved about The Simpsons entitled “Why ‘The Simpsons’ no longer matters.” It’s a short but good interview and worth the quick read. Like many people my age, I grew up on The Simpsons. I remember watching it while it was still an odd series of shorts on … Read more

Free admission days at metro Phoenix museums

If you haven’t already checked out a Culture Pass, you need to. They’re available for “check-out” from your local Phoenix-area library and will admit four adults for free to one of several museums: Arizona Historical Society Arizona Museum of Natural History Arizona Museum for Youth Arizona Science Center The Bead Museum which is now closed … Read more

Having trouble joining cd tracks in iTunes? Try this.

For the last few months, I’ve had trouble joining cd tracks before importing a cd into iTunes. I do very little book-reading these days, so instead I listen to audiobooks. I’ve enjoyed being an audible customer, but in an effort to cut down on expenses, I have since re-discovered the public library. The Phoenix Public … Read more