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Visiting McFarland State Historic Park

Kim and I took a few hours out this weekend and headed down to Florence to check out McFarland State Historic ParkCheck out the entire album We’ve driven past it once before, and though it didn’t look like much, we decided to come back.  Well, it’s not much, but neither is the admisison charge.  The best part of the state park is definitely the building itself.  The first part you’ll see is the historic courthouse, which was in use for the first dozen or so years until a better courthouse was built elsewhere in Florence.  At that time, the building was turned into the county hospital.  The building, made of adobe and remodeled on several occasions, is on the historic register.  There’s not much more to the park beyond some small exhibits.  The largest one–by far–is devoted to the Florence POW camp that was located nearby during the second World War.  While we certainly weren’t overwhelmed, we did enjoy the hour or two we spent there.  Feel free to check out some of the pictures.