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Writing a book about “all the [blank]?”

I’m a big fan of travel quests—a goal of visiting a particular set of places, usually one that involves “visiting all the ________________.”

➡️ Here are some of my own quests, here’s a guide for how to get started on your own, and here’s a directory of 1500 quests you might enjoy.

So it catches my attention when someone writes a book that, well, could be a quest.

Here are a bunch of ideas for any authors who are writing such a book:

  • Include an actual checklist of all the sites, perhaps with a date field for when you’ve been there. You could also make this a downloadable file that readers could keep for themselves.
  • Or expand the idea and include a journal-style page layout for each visit (perhaps with several related prompts or text fields to fill out). Again, this could be bonus material, or perhaps even a companion product.
  • Suggest a hashtag that people can use to connect with others pursuing the same goal (here’s what I’ve done over at
  • Host an online community for questers around your topic
  • Include a “finishers list” on your website (and perhaps even in future editions/updates of the book)
  • Allow readers to show proof of purchase to get any future updates to the book (helpful if new objectives pop up after you’ve published)
  • Offer stickers or other swag for both questers, and finishers
  • Offer a contest with a prize for people who finish them all
  • Make sure the quest appears in the GoQuesting directory and send me the link to the book when it’s released
  • Allow readers to sign up as official participant/quester on your website. Perhaps even allow them to track their progress on your site, or submit photos or posts on their progress
  • Include a scavenger hunt for photos of something specific at each place
  • Offer “junior ranger” style workbooks that participants can complete at each location

What other ideas do you have? Tell me in the comments.