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Gathering of the Greens 2009

On Wednesday night, I attended the annual Gathering of the Greens down at the Historic Y building in Tucson. I happened to have several meetings scheduled down there for earlier in the day, and after the prodding of several colleagues, I decided to stick around for at least a bit of the celebration.

I’m glad I did.

The party had lots of good food, drinks, and even branded cups. Best of all, it was great to see so many conservation advocates in one place. I’ve been longing for a stronger conservation community in Phoenix and this event reminded me that I’ve considered organizing a regular (or at least occasional) social event for Valley conservation staff. We need some better opportunities to develop stronger relationships across the conservation community in Phoenix, and the first step in my mind is to get us all sitting down at a table after work. Maybe it’ll be the beginning of something special.

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