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Why you should join my email list

At just about every outdoor blog, you’ll be confronted with a plea to sign up for the email list. That’s because email lists are one of the best ways for sites to stay connected with readers. It’s the reason I have one.

Following on social media

Relying on social media to catch everyone’s latest posts is a hit-or-miss proposition. Social media companies are increasingly using complex and ever-changing algorithms to determine which posts users see and don’t see. That means that just following me on facebook, twitter, and instagram doesn’t mean you’ll actually see the latest posts.

Turn on notifications

But you can increase your chances by turning on notifications. On facebook, go to “Posts from – formerly Just Get Out More” and the hover over the “Following” button, then select “See First.” On instagram, go to @rscottjones, click the three dots for the menu, then select “Turn On Post Notifications.” And on twitter, go to @rscottjones_com, click the alarm bell icon, then select “All Tweets.” You’ll now get a little ping whenever there’s a new post.

Subscribers get exclusive content

Notifications on social media are great, but joining my email list is even better. That’s because I’ll be sharing some things exclusively via email—photos from my trips, links to useful articles I come across, and some “insider” tips that won’t make it onto the blog.

I’ll send these occasionally—maybe more often if there’s good reason, or less frequently if I don’t have much to share. You won’t get a new email for each new post; instead I’ll send a digest of sorts.

Go on, subscribe to the list!


What you won’t get

Spam. Ain’t nobody got time for that.

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