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My 33 before 33 list

On the heels of completing my 101 things in 1001 days challenge, I’ve decided to launch a new goal list for the upcoming year. Given the amount of change I’ll likely see in 2011, I decided to focus on a shorter time period and instead launch a 33 before 33 list. Like my 101 in 1001 list, I’ll be adding a few bonus items along the way that I’m allowing as substitutions. I had originally intended to launch this on my birthday, so it will be extra challenging given the 2-month delay. In addition to this list, I’m also keeping a shorter, private list of important things I want to accomplish this upcoming year.

Here is my list: [Completed 14/33]

  1. Hike in a wilderness area I’ve never visited
  2. Read Citizen Spycompleted Dec 30
  3. Thank a personal mentor
  4. Visit Delmacompleted 083111
  5. Visit an Arizona state park I’ve never been to — completed 102211 (Dead Horse Ranch SP)
  6. Go on a kayaking or mountain biking trip completed 062011
  7. Write a family letter
  8. Hike 3 trails I’ve never been on — completed (Gateway Loop 012211, River Trail 052411, Chimney Rock)
  9. Organize my iTunes library
  10. Purge file cabinets
  11. Use a free plane ticketcompleted (purchased 102911)
  12. Go rock climbing or ice skating or skiing or snowboarding completed (rock climbing)
  13. Read a book on my iPad
  14. Post my remaining wedding and post-wedding roadtrip photos
  15. Write something meaningful
  16. Take a step towards continuing my education
  17. Get rid of my wart
  18. Conduct an oral history session with my dad
  19. Make 2 new friendscompleted
  20. Revamp
  21. Try 3 new foods that I wouldn’t otherwise eatcompleted (sushi 010411, beet burgers, oysters)
  22. Pay off two debts — completed 021811
  23. Purge and reorganize my camping gear
  24. Integrate one new life simplifying habit or action into my life
  25. Go camping — completed Aug 2011
  26. Integrate vacation summaries into
  27. Complete an annual personal review
  28. Automate my expenses
  29. Get in touch with three friends or family I haven’t talked to in awhile
  30. Shave Sipapu — completed 060611
  31. Scan 50 old photos I want to keep
  32. Go backpacking — completed 052011-052511
  33. Redevelop or repurpose

Bonus items:

  • Create/update a digital archive of important files and add to safe deposit box
  • Accomplish a strenuous event completed 052011-052511
  • Reach the 15,000 photos online milestone
  • Retrieve summer roadtrip photos
  • Paint something

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