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How to make driving across Texas more fun

Our latest road trip required a long drive across Texas, a state I repeatedly wish I didn’t have to drive across. But if you live in Phoenix and your intended destinations are in the Southeastern US, then driving through Texas is simply the Price of Admission you pay for your trip. We ended up staying in hotels … Read more

Friends for the sake of memories

I’m in the process of substantially shifting how I use social media. I want to focus on using social media solely to connect with actual people—not to consume so-called breaking news or procrastinate over memes or fight social battles or dunk on the political villain of the moment. It’s become clear that none of those things … Read more

A ‘Digital Garden’ Approach to Travel Journaling

tl;dr: I’ve started keeping track of my travels in an interconnected system of notes. This helps me remember more, and to better connect the dots. Here’s a bit more on what that looks like and why I’m trying this. Update: I’ve added a bit to this idea. You can read my additions and why I’ve … Read more

I paid $100 for the privilege of travel today

Today we paid $100 for the privilege of taking our two big road trips this year. What does that mean? We are privileged to be able to travel as often as we do. That doesn’t mean we don’t work hard to capitalize on our own personal situations, or sacrifice in other ways to create these … Read more

The last years of your life suck

Unless you die earlier than you need to, the last years of your life generally suck. When planning out the course of our lives, many of us see retirement as our “golden years.” Not just the slow wind-down of our lifespan, but the culmination of a long-time goal: the end of the “ugh I have … Read more

Screenshot of trip cards showing destinations

From Idea to Adventure: How I plan trips using Notion

This post explains how I organize my From Idea to Adventure trip planning database in Notion. Below, I give you a video tour of my own system, and a short tutorial video of how to set up your own. I am planning on releasing a template version of my system soon at some point (sorry!), … Read more

The only possible way to drive directly from Missouri to Kentucky

My questing buddy Tom Thrash and I both have a quest to cross all 107 state borders—the boundaries where two US states meet via a land or river crossing. → Check out #GoQuesting1006 for more information on this unusual travel quest ← One of them is particularly sneaky—the tiny border shared by Kentucky and Missouri. There are a number of … Read more