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The rules of AZBeerQuest

All quests come with some guidelines and the quest to visit all of Arizona’s craft breweries is no exception. So what does it take to be included in the quest?

Each brewery has to meet each of the following requirements:

Must be a local craft brewery

We only count homegrown breweries in the quest. You can’t be a just another location of some corporate chain. You can’t even be a distant location of an out-of-state brewery. Only local Arizona breweries count.

However, we have included one exception: Four Peaks. Yes, the brewery was recently acquired by behemoth Anheuser Busch-InBev, and is no longer “locally owned.” However, it remains a “local” Arizona brewery in that nothing much has changed since their days leading the craft brewery scene in the state. In addition, it’d be hard to leave off the biggest brewery name in the state in a quest to visit all of Arizona’s breweries—so we won’t do that. If you want to complete #azbeerquest, you’ll have to lift a Kilt Lifter to your lips and sample “Arizona’s beer.”

Must brew on-site

Basically, this means that you must be an actual brewery. Labeling someone else’s beer as you own doesn’t count. But there is a bit of fuzziness here. For instance, if a brewery opens up a second tasting room apart from their main brewing operation, we still count the brewery and each of its locations on the list.

Must have an area to drink your beer on-site

This one basically disqualifies all home brewing operations. The brewery must be able to serve you the beer, and for you to consume said beer, on their premises. That means that even those with a commercial brewers license don’t count. This requirement also disqualifies so-called “client brewers,” who only produce beer for other brands and don’t serve their own.

The lists

Now that you’ve read the rules, go check out the listings of the Arizona craft breweries included in azbeerquest. Or take a look at the ones that didn’t qualify.