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Breweries not included in AZBeerQuest

AZ Beer Quest involves visiting every local craft brewery in Arizona. If you haven’t already checked out the craft breweries list, head on over there now.

This page details what didn’t make the list—the breweries that have shut down, the ones that we’ve had to remove, and the ones that just don’t qualify under our criteria.

Breweries that have closed down

  • Old World – Phoenix
  • Black Hole – Prescott
  • Copper Canyon – Lake Havasu
  • Bold Barley – Phoenix
  • Union Barrelhouse – Scottsdale
  • Bad Water Brewing – Scottsdale
  • Nimbus Brewing – Tucson
  • Papago Brewing – Scottsdale
  • Good Bad Ugly Brewing – Glendale
  • Blasted Barley – Tempe

Not local craft breweries*

  • Two Brothers Brewing (second location of a New Jersey brewery)
  • Hanger 24 Brewing (second location of California-based brewery)
  • Flix Brewhouse (corporate chain)
  • Oggi’s (California-based brewery)
  • BJ Restaurants (corporate chain)
  • Gordon Biersch (corporate chain)
  • Rock Bottom (corporate chain)

* Note, we continue to include Four Peaks Brewing in our list, in spite of their recent acquisition by AnheuserBusch-InBev. Check out the azbeerquest rules for our explanation.

Disqualified locations

There are a number of places serving their “own” beer that are disqualified from the quest. Here are a few, but these don’t include the many restaurants that white label a craft beer from another brewery—there are too many of those to keep track of.

  • Limelight Brewing – Phoenix (can only drink their beer paired with $180/plate dinner at Binkley’s)
  • Owl’s Orchard – Queen Creek (can’t drink on site; has also closed down)
  • Mad Hatter Brew Pub – Tempe (white labeled; doesn’t brew on site; has since closed down)
  • RIOT in Old Town – Cottonwood (doesn’t brew on site)
  • Brewers Restaurant & Sports Bar – Yuma (previously included, but have since learned that they do not brew on site)
  • Four Silos Brewery – contract brews off location
  • Craft 64 – contracts brews
  • Casa Arriba – primarily a restaurant that brews on the side
  • Loco Patron Mexican Kitchen – primarily a restaurant that brews on the side
  • Any breweries not publicly accessible, such as those located behind security in airport terminals