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Former National Park units quest (#GoQuesting1576)

This quest focuses on the 26 areas that were formerly part of the National Park System but were later dissolved or transferred to another federal, state, or local entity. It also includes parks that were abolished prior to the creation of the National Park Service. This quest does not include proposed units that never came to be, units that were eventually absorbed into other national park units, or units that were later renamed.

Note: there seems to be some disagreement about whether some authorized parks actually became parks or not prior to their subsequent dissolution. I haven’t sorted the matter out yet, so I’m viewing this list as a tentative list. If you have additional information on any of these (or, more likely, others that should be included, please contact me).

Already Visited (23)

  • Atlanta Campaign NHS (GA)
  • Castle Pinckney NM (SC)
  • Chattanooga National Cemetery (TN)
  • Father Millet Cross NM (NY)
  • Flaming Gorge NRA (UT/WY)
  • Fossil Cyclad NM (SD)
  • Holy Cross NM (CO)1
  • Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts (DC)
  • Lake Texoma Recreation Area (OK/TX)
  • Lewis and Clark Cavern NM (MT)
  • Mackinac Island NP (MI)
  • Mar-A-Lago NHS (FL)
  • Millerton Lake Recreation Area (CA)
  • National Visitors Center (DC)
  • New Echota Marker NMEM (GA)
  • Oklahoma City NMEM (OK)
  • Old Kasaan NM (AK)
  • Papago Saguaro NM (AZ)
  • Patrick Henry NM (VA)
  • Saint Thomas NHS (USVI)
  • Shadow Mountain NRA (CO)
  • Shasta Lake Recreation Area (CA)
  • Sullys Hill NP (ND)
  • Verendrye NM (ND)

Remaining (2)

  • Shoshone Cavern NM (WY)
  • Wheeler NM (CO)

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Ok, I’ve officially adopted this one too.
NOTE: I haven’t committed to adopting this quest just yet, but it’s one I’ve been considering for some time. I’ve posted it here in order to point others to it, and to keep track of possible quest objectives when I’m putting together other trips.

Adopted sometime in 2020.
Last updated on June 10, 2023.

  1. This one gets a bit of an asterisk. Because the point of the designation was to signify the importance of pilgrims coming to see the cross on the side of the mountain (aka, the view of the mountain, as opposed to protecting the actual mountain for it’s own sake), I decided that it’d count to simply view the mountain from one of the areas. Of course, the cross feature was destroyed by an avalanche many decades ago. However, I hope to return to actually hike to a particular viewpoint on a future trip. ↩︎

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