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The High Points of Flat States

What started as a joke—visiting the highest point of otherwise flat states—has turned into a legitimate travel quest.

I now sometimes call it my Drivable State Summits tour for Lazy Highpointers.

Basically, these are the highest natural points in each state that are easy to get to, meaning you can nearly drive right on up to the USGS marker. Many people are on a quest to visit the high point of every state—including the toughest ones like Denali or Mt Rainier—and call themselves “highpointers.” This is a nod to their quest, but one that you can chuckle while you complete it. As a Westerner, it just always feels a bit funny to think of a state’s high point as something that’s easily accessible.

Where I’ve been so far:

Mount Sunflower – Kansas

Panorama Point – Nebraska

Hawkeye Point – Iowa

Hawkeye Point

Timm’s Hill – Wisconsin

Mt Arvon – Michigan

Mt Cheaha – Alabama

Woodall Mountain – Mississippi

Taum Sauk Mountain – Missouri

Brasstown Bald – Georgia

Britton Hill – Florida

Campbell Hill – Ohio

Ebright Azimuth – Delaware

Mount Davis – Pennsylvania

High Point – New Jersey

Hoosier Hill – Indiana

Jerimoth Hill – Rhode Island

Mt Greylock – Massachusetts

Mt Washington – New Hampshire

Fort Reno – Washington, DC

Charles Mound – Illinois

Signal Hill/Mount Magazine – Arkansas

Clingman’s Dome – Tennessee

(coming soon, no video however)

Summits completed but not yet posted

  • Spruce Knob, WV (video coming soon)
  • Mount Mitchell, NC (video coming soon)
  • Sassafras Mountain, SC (video coming soon)

Summits left to complete

  1. Black Mountain, KY

Summits that nearly qualify, but require a ~1 mile walk

Driskill Mountain – Louisiana

  • Backbone Mountain, MD
  • Mount Mansfield, VT

Last updated: July 8, 2024.


2 thoughts on “The High Points of Flat States”

    • I haven’t formalized the quest that way yet, but it’s on my list. I’d like to decide which ones “count” and which ones don’t, but just haven’t put in the time researching yet. I’m considering limiting it to high points that you can (basically) drive to. I guess as a westerner, I chuckle a bit at that…

      But even if I decide later to adopt the full highpointer quest, I’ll already be halfway there!


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