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Shaving Sipapu

Our dog Sipapu needs to be shaved regularly, or else we end up with a house of hair. We’ve tried doing it ourselves with the $30 dollar clippers from Target without even a hint of success. So, we’ve been bringing ‘Papu down, much to his dismay, to PetsMart to get groomed. For $60 a pop.

Well, we finally decided that we should invest in an expense trimmer and give it another shot. I was thinking that we’d buy the $180 one and give it a shot. If it didn’t work, we’d just return it; if it did work, then we will have saved quite a bit of cash over the course of just 8-12 month.

Mostly because I was tired of waiting for a store employee to arrive to open the locked case and give us one of the good clipper sets, we grabbed the most expensive unlocked one, which cost about $85, and brought it home. And who knew, it worked fine! Sipapu was actually a little excited to get trimmed, though his patience wears thin relatively quickly. So, we ended up doing it over the course of several phases over two days while we crafted our technique.

This is the result of the first attempt, which probably comprised about 1/4 of the hair removed.

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  1. OMG! That is a lot of hair! Yeah, my mom uses an expensive clipper and shaves all 12 of her cats in the summer. Yes, I said 12. She lives on an acre of land out in the country.


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