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Sipapu gets out of the house

Despite our plans to backpack to Lousy Canyon in Agua Fria National Monument (scrapped late Friday night), then hike to Pueblo Pato via Badger Springs (scrapped Saturday morning, and again Sunday morning after we got up too late both days), we managed only a short hike in the Phoenix Mountain Preserve (pictures here). Check out the entire albumWe wandered around on several trails in the North Mountain trail complex during the heat of the day, and brought the dog along with us. We don’t include him on many hikes, and it shows. He was pretty tired after the relatively short hike, and certainly wouldn’t have been up for the longer jaunt we had originally planned for the day. However, it was nice to spend a bit of the weekend out of the house and exercising, though I think we were both disappointed that we didn’t get to one of the longer hikes. With the Spring Game and some interesting Archaeology Month activities next weekend, I doubt we’ll make it to Lousy Canyon before it gets too hot. I guess we’ll have to push it off until the fall.

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