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Lake Havasu City – April 2008

Kim and I are back from a very frustrating weekend in Lake Havasu City. I was headed there for a conference and thought it might be nice to bring Kim along. We had planned to visit the Kofa National Wildlife Refuge on the way, but I was up late the night before working on a proposal so we got a late start and had to postpone the visit. After arriving at the conference, I realized that the 3 people who were the targets of my attendance had decided not to show up. In addition, I also realized that I had forgotten my laptop power cord that I desperately needed to finish my work project. Luckily, I thought, I can use Kim’s old laptop, which I had convinced her to bring at the last moment. Unfortunately, that laptop isn’t the most usable these days, and lacks the Office suite. That meant that I needed to ditch much of the conference–and having Kim sit in for me–to play this game of musical file transfers between my work laptop, Kim’s laptop, and the 1980s-era hotel computers.

Tired as hell, I missed much of the conference trying to put together the project, with little to show for it. I did get a nice walk to the London Bridge with Kim and a stop at the local museum, but that’s about it…unless it’s spring break and you’re topless, there’s just nothing to do in Lake Havasu City.

At least, we figured, we would be able to attend the guided outing on Sunday to Swansea, an impressive ghost town that’s being repaired and restored. Of course, with our luck we found out that the tour had been canceled for lack of interest. Well, at least we have a hike in Kofa to look forward to on the way back….except that it had heated up and would be about 96 degrees by the time we started the hike. Oh, and I still needed to finish the work project, so we instead had to call the trip a total loss and drive home defeated.

Check out more pictures here.

Side note: it would take me another 8 years to finally make it to Swansea. ?

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