Pearl Jam – Live in Concert

It had been 4,777 days since I had seen Pearl Jam in concert. The only time I had seen them live was October 21, 2000—one day shy of the ten year anniversary of the band’s first performance. I’m not a big concert guy—I’ve only been to a couple of PJ concerts and two other Flogging … Read more

I am going to die on December 27, 2060

It’s going to be a Monday, about six weeks after I celebrate my 82nd birthday. And it’s the day I’m planning to die on. Why did I choose that date? Well, not for any big, significant reason, really. Basic life expectancy calculations place my death somewhere between ages 84 and 87. So I figured that, since … Read more

6 embarrassing facts you didn’t know about the Arizona Wildcats

6) Depressed mascot Rufus Arizona, UA’s first live wildcat mascot, hung himself from a tree limb on April 17, 1916—just months after being purchased as the school’s mascot. I suspect he was suicidal after he learned the story of how the university adopted the wildcats nickname. 5) Another dead cat In 1885, when the 13th … Read more

The real story behind Arizona’s “Bear Down” motto

UA loves the Bear Down story, even though it’s far less appealing than the myth and probably isn’t true. The story goes, star QB and class president “Button” Salmon gets critically injured in a car wreck. His dying words are to Coach McKale at his bedside, telling the team to “bear down” in their upcoming big … Read more

It’s Time.

I cannot wait for tonight’s game—this has been a very long offseason. Expectations for the season Dennis Erickson needs to win at least 8 games to save his job. He’s been building this team for too long. The defense will be generally solid, especially against the run. We have enough talent on the offensive side … Read more

My 33 before 33 list

On the heels of completing my 101 things in 1001 days challenge, I’ve decided to launch a new goal list for the upcoming year. Given the amount of change I’ll likely see in 2011, I decided to focus on a shorter time period and instead launch a 33 before 33 list. Like my 101 in … Read more