Some Arizona Wildcat jokes for the ASU-U of A rivalry game

Every rivalry needs some jokes. The annual Duel in the Desert is no different. Below are a few I’ve collected over the years. You may also be interested in some great plays of the Duel in the Desert, or reading up on 5 embarrassing facts about U of A, or checking out an album of UA memes. Q. … Read more

Happiness: focus on the process, not the outcome

Professor Srikumar S. Rao discusses why you already have what you need to be happy. You just have to ditch the “if..then” mental construct of happiness and focus your attention on the process itself. I think he’s on to something, though his explanation of how to re-configure this mental challenge is a bit inadequate. You … Read more

How the Arizona Hiking Shack made me a repeat customer

Local businesses can really rock sometimes. Case in point: the Arizona Hiking Shack. The Arizona Hiking Shack is what you might expect from an independent outdoor retailer jammed into an awkward, ill-conceived corner of a strip mall dedicated to antiques and other worthless items. Once inside, you’ll find the trend continues. No sexy display racks, ADA compliant pathways, … Read more

Perry Mesa exhibit at Pueblo Grande Museum

Here’s a great opportunity to learn more about Agua Fria National Monument without making the drive up there. From the BLM: BLM Partners with Museum, ASU, and Tonto National Forest on Perry Mesa Exhibit: Agua Fria National Monument staff have been working with the Pueblo Grande Museum, Arizona State University (ASU) researchers, Tonto National Forest … Read more

Seeing Flogging Molly on St Patrick’s Day

When I think back over my life, I often find that while I’ve done some cool things, I’ve also failed to participate in the common high school and college activities. Not drinking or doing drugs, having long-term relationships (thereby skipping the dating scene), and working and volunteering frequently pushed my life in a different direction … Read more

Free tour of Ironwood Forest National Monument—Mar 20

Friends of Ironwood Forest and the Bureau of Land Management invite you to a Free Tour of the Ironwood Forest National Monument on Saturday, March 20 Spend a day in one of southern Arizona’s most treasurered landscapes as we celebrate the 10th Anniversary of the Ironwood Forest National Monument. Throughout the tour, BLM speakers and … Read more

Peanut butter: proving evolution is fake since 1897

It all seems so obvious now—the answer has been on aisle 7 of the grocery store all along! Of course, evolution doesn’t explain the origin of life and, given the events of last year, the video producers chose a rather unfortunate example. But hey, thanks for the chuckle.