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It all started back in June 2015 with a random visit to (then) Fate Brewery in north Scottsdale with my friend Jenny. We hadn’t been there before, and had gone to remedy that. Earlier in the summer, I had brought her to a few of my other favorite breweries. While we sat at Fate, we remarked that we might as well visit all of the breweries in the area—and suddenly, a quest was born. We would visit all of the breweries in metro Phoenix together.

As we started to close in on the finish line, we decided to expand the quest to all of Arizona. It would require much more time, effort, and expense, but it still seemed like the natural extension. Besides, the quest would ensure that we spent more time traveling around the state.


  1. Great list! I am your AZ rep for Ouray Sportswear and we sell hats and apparel to breweries all over the country. I’m a new Allied Member of both the AZ Brewer’s Guild and the New Mexico Guild. I’m happy to report that both Green Feet Brewing in Tucson and Insurgent in Chino Valley are open for business. Green Feet is doing really well. I’m worried about Insurgent. He was brewing ten gallon batches and couldn’t keep up with demand. 🙂

  2. We have been appreciating craft beers for years and recently finished a 5300 mile 7 week road trip which included 275+ new beers. We live have started a tradition of annual craft beer tours for our birthdays which are 3 weeks apart in the fall. Thanks so much for such an informative, fun organized page. We will use it to guide our next birthday craft adventure. Prost!

    1. That sounds like an excellent tradition! I have several travel quests, but I usually try to work in a brewery whenever I can. Lemme know the next time you’re heading back through Arizona.

  3. Scott thanks for listing my brewery Mesquite RIver Brewing Company in Scottsdale. I would like to invite you to my brewery if you haven’t already been. I have met a couple of costumers that are on the same quest as yourself with one from Colorado. Look forward to meeting you. Karl

  4. Scott,
    Thanks for listing our brewery! We have a few updates. Our location is going to be in Queen Creek, AZ. We are currently under construction; open by June-ish. If you would like a pre-opening tour just hit me up in my email! We will be opening with 4-6 original Old EBC taps depending on our timeline, We will have 12 taps total at opening and plan on filling them with mostly local AZ beers. Our family has a friend who opened Telegraph Brewing so we will probably give him a tap….if he is nice.

    Might even be able to snake some swag for ya (we just ordered hats)!

    – Brian – Slave to the craft –
    Old Ellsworth Brewing Company
    22005 South Ellsworth Road
    Queen Creek, AZ 85142

    1. Good to know, Brian—thanks for providing an update. Please ping me when you’re getting close to opening and I’d love to stop by and move you up onto the official list. Looking forward to trying some of those brews! I’ve updated the list with your website, expected opening in June, and changed your location to Queen Creek.

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